Power of art Title sequence


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After another group project Astounding Universe of Colors (Video), I decided to push the notion of visual texture and color to embody the spirit of a documentary about major painters, titled the Power of Art.
Power of Art is a BBC documentary series written and presented by Simon Schama. The series was broadcast in October and November 2006 on BBC2. Each of the eight one-hour episodes examines the biography of an artist and one of his key works through Schama's considerations and occasional reenactments.


Audience: All ages

Duration: 40’’

Tone of the piece: Mystery, gorgeous

Message Takeaway: Attract people watch this documentary

My design strategy for this project was to bring paintings to life, through the use of live action abstractions combined, through masking, with some of the great masterpieces of Western Art.

The colors are suggestive of life and also of the process of art making.



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